The Orchid was intentionally created to resemble the sex of a woman. The Orchid is uniquely beautiful and comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. It must be nurtured, and treated with respectful care to blossom. It can be very sensitive and durable at the same time. As it flourishes, it’s radiance and beauty becomes more obvious, it is a blessing to behold; a true miracle of creation, just like her Yoni… her sex.  

Before we are born, were are pure spiritual beings. It is the orgasmic sexual energy that makes it possible to be a spiritual being having this physical experience. Sexual Energy is the power cord interconnecting the two realms. When we try to disconnect our sexuality from our spirituality, we become fragmented and out of alignment with what Creation intended, dimming our true Essence.

The activation point for your sexual and creative energy is one in the same. Our sexual energy is literally the root of our creative force. It’s what brought us here. Just like a tree, if our roots are constricted, malnourished or unhealthy, we will never express to our full potential. Even if celibacy is your choice, it must come from a space of peace and contentment, verses fear of wounding, contraction and judgment.

“If you cannot face directly into your sexuality, you will never discover your true spirituality.” ~ White Tigress Manual

One out of every four women by the time they reach college age have been raped or had an attempted rape experience. Add on the number of women who have this happen after college years, or feel uncertainty, lack of knowledge, shame, guilt or discomfort around their sexuality because of family legacy, social pressure, religion, verbal abuse, or for any other reason, the numbers are very high. If this is you, you are in the majority.

For women, pleasure is our power source. Our bodies are Divine creations. I believe everything about our body is created with pure intention of its function. Our bodies are designed to experience orgasmic pleasure. When we open ourselves to pleasure, we are more radiant, vibrant and energized. This is our Divine Design.

As long as you feel inhibited, contracted or wounded within your sexual energy for what ever reason, consciously or not, there will always be a part of you holding back to protect this vulnerable aspect of yourself. When you are holding back, you are holding back… period! So you hold back in all areas of your life… in love, in the expression of your voice and in professional purpose, shielding the rest of us from being able to see and feel the full Essence and gift that is you.

“Put away your pointless taboos and restrictions on sexual energy – rather help others to truly understand its wonder, and to channel it properly.” ~ God, channeled by Neale Donald Walsh

Bless our mothers, they did the best with what they knew. However, when our sexual energy first became activated in our bodies, most of us as daughters were only given a biology lesson and a word of caution. This left us figuring it out on our own, and outside of the home.

If you’re a mother, when you come to place of full understanding, peace and alignment within your sexual energy, you can also create a new legacy for daughters. When a daughter is fully prepared once she’s ready to be intimate with boys, she can be the one teaching him about her body from a place of love and compassion, not going to the boys to learn from them that which they know nothing about, or in the worse case scenario as was my story, become a predator’s victim.

There is so much more to our sexual life force than what most women are aware of or activating. Our sexual energy is wired to work in conjunction with our breath and our entire nervous system. This knowledge has been around for thousands of years, however through disconnect caused by patriarchal religions and suppression of the feminine, it was buried. I can show you the way and teach you these techniques that will open up a whole new realm of inner peace, activation and radiance.

When you work with me, I hold space for you to heal your wounds of the past, to clear on a cellular level any emotional residue you are carrying; how to reside in a space of peacefulness, feeling grounded and beautiful in your body, exactly as you are right now.
I share ancient wisdom that will help you reclaim your sexuality as creation designed and intended for us to do as women. I teach you how to activate your sexual energy in a more profound way: how to use your breath so that your sexual energy can be used to heal you on all levels: your mind, body and soul, ignite your creative energy more powerfully, and intensify pleasure while connecting more tangibly to Source.

“The desire for sexual expression is inborn and natural. The desire cannot, and should not be submerged or eliminated” – Napoleon Hill

Even the most shy woman is receptive to this aspect of my work. You will feel fully heard, seen, held, honored and received in a safe, loving sacred space. You will gain a greater sense of inner calm, balance, confidence, creative expression and playfulness.

If you are already feeling free and expressed with your sexuality, beautiful! You will love playing with the new possibilities that my work has to share with you. You will love learning how to utilize your breath to activate and ignite your Creative Life Force in new and powerful ways. You will love learning the ways in which the breath was designed to work together with your Sexual energy to create new vitality, radiance and inner peace within you.

If you have a Beloved in your life, you will love the new ways of connecting with one another that I can guide you through in my Intimacy Coaching work, and weave this beautiful energy together in Divine Union.

Dance is a powerful tool for for women to heal, open the heart, connect with spirit, let go, fill up, release, play, and express their feminine sensuality. The feminine energy is all about flow and movement. Stagnant forms of meditation were developed for the masculine model. Dance is the feminine meditation, and a consistent part of the Sensual Sage experience and process.

* I am not a Therapist. I draw upon my personal healing journey and life experience of Spiritual exploration, combined with my Certification training and experience as an Emotional Healer/ Holistic Rebirther, Reiki Master Teacher, Sacred Sexuality specialist, Intimacy Coach, and my Ordination as a Shamanic Priestess.

* If you are a mother of boys, what you discover doing this work with me will also greatly serve your ability to communicate with them and better prepare your boys for intimacy with girls. Get in touch with me. I can connect you with some of my male colleagues who are a beautiful resource for your sons. Much love – Jaitara

“Jaitara assisted me to travel deep within to re-awaken lost parts of my self. she inspired a new freedom in my body by lovingly supporting this journey, without judgment, in a beautifully safe environment. I will be forever grateful for having had this experience.” – Natasha T.; Pilates Instructor

“Jaitara, it was beautiful. I felt completely relaxed in your presence.” – Kelly B.

“Jaitara, I opened up to you in a way I have never done before. I found you so easy to trust and that is saying a lot. You helped me shed light onto past memories, so I can move forward and create new ones. Thank you.”
– Patricia N., MD