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Jaitara is the founder of She helps actors and other purpose driven women, (and conscious men) step into Spiritual and Emotional Mastery with love and sexual energy through live and online workshops and private sessions. She helps them go from a mediocre, non-existent or just good Love Life to one that is great, even ecstatic and living the Ultimate Love Life.

Jaitara combines her gifts and skills as a master breath worker, emotional healer, Sacred Sexuality expert, speaker, author and spiritual guide with life wisdom and years of experience in the entertainment industry. She also works as a couples mediator, intimacy coach, and teacher of Tantra.

Article: Why My Angel Investor Should Have Walked the Other Way…

Gratitude smallSomething few people know about me and my mission is that I have an Angel Investor. This Angel of mine is responsible for the incredible training I’ve been able to receive to establish myself professionally, and for the online presence I have created. Because of him, I’ve been able to work with the best of the best coaches and branding experts, including the one I’m working with now, Jennifer Kem.

There is nothing rational about why he has invested in me the way he has. Even though I didn’t ask for it and it was his offering, it was not logical for him to do so. From a rational perspective, it never should have happened. In fact, it is completely and totally irrational.

We met in 2009 as practitioner and client. After just a few sessions, we quickly became friends. His name is Howard. This is an unusual and precious friendship. We’ve never been romantically involved. I clarify that because when people first hear about him, this tends to be their immediate assumption. He feels more like a cross between a father/ brother/ cousin connection. He is family to me.

When he was my client, my work had a great impact on his life, but then about 8 months after we met, I longed to expand my work. I wanted to learn how to create an online presence, create coaching programs, learn how to be a coach and speak from more platforms. Without even knowing fully why himself, Howard offered to invest so I could get the training I needed.

The amount of the investment we thought I would originally require, rapidly grew to be more than we expected, so to keep a clear division between our business relationship and our friendship, we agreed to document clear agreements and became official business partners.

Since then, Howard has continued to invest, and just so we are clear, he is not a wealthy man. He worked a blue collar job all his life. He just happens to be well organized. It was not logical for him to invest in me this way. It was a great risk, with no guarantee of return on his investment. It was completely irrational.

You see the past six years have been a roller coaster to say the least. Had I known how long it would take me to create a profit from all of this investing of time and money in my healing and facilitation work and the message I have to share, I never would have accepted Howard’s offer to invest in my work. I probably would have just taken a vacation, then continued to offer private sessions in my studio, while working part time in film and TV. I never would have started the journey of building an online business and coaching practice.

LoverHeartSmThe biggest pain I’ve had has been figuring out how to communicate a service that is mostly about women, sexual energy, spirituality and healing. My primary brand Archetype is the Lover. As the Lover I have a very difficult time turning anyone away who needs my work and I have crossed my boundaries many times, giving away my time and energy to serve, risking draining my own energy in the process.

I’ve tried packaging myself in boxes that just didn’t fit. I remember in 2011, I rewrote the copy on the home page of my website every single day for a year. It was torturous. No matter what I wrote, it never seemed to fit. You see at the time, I was in such deep training, I was more in my head than my heart, trying so hard to be a good student. I heard from various coaches that the best way to make money is to help others make money in their business. So I put myself out there as a business coach, with my work around sexuality as a garnish, hinting at the fact that it would be a piece of the process for anyone who came to work with me.

This focus did not work for me. I barely had any clients. Yet, Howard continued to have faith. He continued to invest in my training, my writing and the creation of my sites and online presence.

I tried everything I could think of to get seen, get heard and get paid, but my prospective audience was confused as to what I actually had to offer, and as we all know, a confused audience does not respond.

Sexual Enlightenment SmEventually I took a step back. I stopped writing on my site. I stopped creating marketing material and I did some deep soul searching. Then one day, I said, “F_ _ _ it!” “I’ve tried everything else, I’m just going to post the photos that were taken of me three years ago that I’ve never shared, along with my original quotes of how I like to talk about Sexuality and God in the same sentence. So I did just that. These were photos of me wearing nothing but a piece of fabric.

I remember the very first time I posted one of my mostly nude photos with my quote on it. (Image to the right and below at the left) I hesitated before hitting “post” on Facebook, took a big breath and went for it. I was not prepared for the response. Women loved it! Not only did I receive rave reviews on Facebook, but when I went to Sexual Enlightenment sm2seminars and events, women came up to me expressing how much they loved my posts.

Now, I have a strong voice and I speak boldly into my message. I am touching the lives of many women as well as their partners as they share how grateful they are to receive my teachings, healing and to have a safe sacred space to talk openly about the issues and questions they have with regard to sexuality, healing and spirituality.

After six years of a round about period of creation, I have a collection of unique programs, some of which I have yet to reveal, such as my upcoming, “Mastering the Love Scene” online program. I am ready to now serve and facilitate as I’ve never done before.

I am ready to play a role in creating a new legacy for women everywhere and for the daughters who follow, so they are free from emotional residue from past wounding; so they are sexually enlightened and wise, embodying peacefulness, empowerment and unapologetic playfulness in relationships and purpose.

Howard is a dear sweet man, a best friend, my family and my Angel. He could have walked away and disconnected from my mission a long time ago, in fact it would have been the most rational thing for him to do. It would have been quite logical; but he didn’t.

He was irrational with his faith in me. I was irrational in my determination as I continued to search and find a way to serve in the way I imagined that I could.

Now as I combine my wisdom with my knowledge and my ability to surrender, I see that this path I have taken is my purpose that I must fulfill. The decisions Howard has made, as irrational as they are, give him purpose.

Air6 smThis hunger in my soul to light the way for others to experience the consistent joy and playfulness that I reside in every day, has no choice but to be fulfilled.

You see as irrational as it has been, rationality is a mental logical process. This journey that both Howard and I have been on and continue to share is a journey of the heart. It is a calling. I believe it is part of a Divine Plan that Howard is the one to support this purpose so it can blossom and touch the lives of so many.

Deciphering whether or not something is rational or irrational requires us to be in our head. If I’ve learned anything, pursuing my purpose is a journey of my heart. Yes, there must be a balance of the heart and the head, and thought must come into play, but it is always my heart that is leading the way, speaking my truth.

I am so blessed that Howard followed his heart because sticking with me through this has been irrational in so many ways, but without him, I could not be touching lives in the way I am now; I could not be living out my purpose the way I am now.

The truth is, we are all irrational, because we are driven by our Soul’s calling. We are driven by the desires that live in our heart.

If I had let rationality take over, I would have quit this path a long time ago.

If my Angel investor had been rational, he would have walked the other way, but instead he followed what he felt in his heart and soul and because of this, many lives are being transformed and touched by the work I offer.

As I see how my work continues to liberate women and men from the emotional residue of past wounding, and guides them to stand in their Powerful Truth of their Divine Design as a Sacred Being in a Sacred Body, I am grateful that we are all irrational, and I am deeply grateful for my Angel Howard and his unwavering faith in me.

Much love,

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