What is the first thing you do in the morning? Do you go straight to your cell phone or computer to check in? Do you get up into a busy mind about the things you need to get done as you prepare for another day in your busy life? All of this jumps you into your head space, and ignites chatter in the head.

Waking up, jumping into a busy mind, puts us into survival mode, we activate stress and it creates a constriction in our energy flow that impacts the way the rest of our day unfolds and the ability of possibility. The degree that this happens varies depending on whether you are a little stressed or a lot stressed. Either way, it constricts your experience.  Does any of this feel familiar?

I love my morning breath and movement practice, but I confess, sometimes I slip up and go straight from bed to my computer. Even though it’s something creative, it still puts me directly into my head, verses connecting to body and Spirit first thing in the morning. This happened to me recently. I went an entire week skipping my morning practice and by the end of the week, I was in a space of contraction.

When our mind does not have body and Spirit connection to balance things out, it’s like a dog without a leader. A dog needs to know who the alpha is, or it gets overwhelmed and will become ungrounded, hyper asserting itself, because the dog knows someone has to be in charge and if the human isn’t, it will try to assert itself into the alpha role.  

When we are unplugged from Source and disconnected from our body, our mind will take over, try to compensate and play alpha with us.  This is not a natural balance for us. The mind is here to serve us, not control us, so we go into overwhelm and get constricted in our energy, blocking the magical process of creation and the power of possibility, attracting more of that which we do not want.

My usual morning practice is to wake up, throw water on my face, then sit and connect with my breath.  I continue taking deep relaxed breaths witnessing how the chatter in the mind does its busyness. Then when that moment comes when the only thing I can hear is my breath in my body and the stillness or sounds of nature around me, I give the invitation to my Divine Team to fill up my physical body with all the Source energy I can handle and hold.
I’ve practiced this for so long, in that moment of invitation, I feel an electrical surge burst through my heart chakra.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

I feel this so powerfully that my entire body jolts similar to the way a body jolts when jumpstarted with a defibrillator. When this energy surge happens, it fills me with pure joy. There is no question in my mind this is an extra kick start of God Source energy surging through my physical body.

This is my magical sweet spot, when I open to receive, surrender and be still in the ‘now’. All I need is five minutes to activate a beautiful ripple effect of creation and possibility throughout my day.

When I combine it with dance, not only am I peaceful, but my passion and playfulness is also activated. This is the space when we are most powerful in our creativity and power of possibility.

Beloved, trust me, this is the ripple effect that you want to activate to kick start your day!

Good news, I can help you with that.
On Sunday, July 23rd we start a new week of The BREATHE Challenge.

It’s a free Series, my gift to you. If Sunday doesn’t work for you as a start date, don’t worry, I leave the Videos up for an extra week, to give you a grace period. 

So, if you have a busy mind and a busy life, I invite you take a break and take a Breath.

It’s a 7 part Video Series of guided breath, meditation and dance, to connect with your magical sweet spot,

You can do this. It’s only 12 minutes for seven days.

Beloved, take a break – take a Breath!

Come play with us and move your body! Invite your friends. Share this article, especially if you know it applies to them. They will thank you for it.

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Much love,