Sacred Tantric Temple

I’ve returned to Vancouver after an extended time away. Good to be back!
I Am Jaitara. You will feel held and nurtured in my care, as I lovingly serve you to experience your ultimate transformation, opening to healing and a deeper sense of peacefulness, pleasure and love. I love my work and holding space for my clients. My studio is a beautiful serene elegant space with lovely decor, soft natural lighting and warmth.

I am highly trained and experienced in the Tantric Arts. In the western world many have come to believe that Tantra is all about sex. Yes, Sexual energy is an element of Tantra, and it’s so much more. Tantra is a lifestyle… a way of Being. It is the weaving of energy.

In these sessions we embrace all of your energy, the expansion of it, the pleasure of it and your health and well being.

Whether you simply wish to surrender and receive the art of a loving, nurturing sensual touch, dive into deeper realms of Tantric wisdom, take your relationship with your Beloved to a new realm of ecstatic bliss, learn how to a more amazing lover, or free yourself from emotional trauma of the past, I am here for you as your practitioner, guide, teacher, facilitator of healing and your intimacy coach.

I am a Certified Master Breath Worker and Reiki Master Teacher, specializing in emotional healing and energy mastery. My first priority is to discover if you feel held back for any reason from experiencing your full pleasure in intimate relationships, and if so, to address that.

If you are still recovering from emotional wounding due to trauma from a past relationship or sexual abuse, I highly recommend that you book a Holistic Rebirthing Session with me first. These sessions will clear your emotional residue on a cellular level and free you from the trauma of this experience permanently. From there you will be in a position to be more open receive the highest benefits of the Sensual Tantric Sessions.

The Tantra practice we explore in the body work sessions as well as in the intimacy coaching is known as Pink Tantra, which is a a blend of White and Red Tantra — The merging of your Spirit Body with your Sexual Body. It is both an art and a science. The result is a more loving heart opening experience, deeper connection to Source, more ecstatic pleasure in your physical body and enhanced creativity.

I am a mature sensual loving woman and very playful in nature. I am highly skilled in my work and confident in the quality and expertise of what I offer. I work with men, women and couples, including same sex couples. If you are looking for something more in depth than the average session, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you are looking for emotional healing of wounds from the past, wish to learn how to create a deeper connection with your body, are in need of receiving relief from stress and a busy mind, or wish expand your intimate connection with your partner and learn more about the Tantric Arts, I offer a variety of sessions for everyone.

Click on the image below that applies to you and read the full Description of the Session you are interested in, so you are clear that we are truly a match as practitioner and client.

I look forward to connecting with you. It is my honor to be your practitioner and guide on this path.
Much love,

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