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Jaitara is the founder of She helps actors and other purpose driven women, (and conscious men) step into Spiritual and Emotional Mastery with love and sexual energy through live and online workshops and private sessions. She helps them go from a mediocre, non-existent or just good Love Life to one that is great, even ecstatic and living the Ultimate Love Life.

Jaitara combines her gifts and skills as a master breath worker, emotional healer, Sacred Sexuality expert, speaker, author and spiritual guide with life wisdom and years of experience in the entertainment industry. She also works as a couples mediator, intimacy coach, and Tantric teache

Article: Legacy—What Will the Great Grandchild of A Client Say About Me?

Sexual Legacy 6Have you ever thought about what your Legacy will be? Have you ever thought about what your great grandchild will say about you?  Or what the great grandchild of one of your clients would say about you?

My coach Jennifer Kem, asked me to write a post about what the great grandchild of a client would have to say about me to help me be clear on the legacy my work will leave behind. Writing this was powerful for me. It revealed layers of possibility that I had not even seen before when I asked myself, what is the reflection that I create? What possible legacy will I leave behind?

The following is a story of the dream that I imagine the great grandchild of a client will say about me years from now.  This is why I do what I do. It is why even during those times I feel like I want to quit, I keep going. I have to keep going. This is my inspiration… the possibility of this as my legacy.


“Because of working with Jaitara my great grandmother’s life was transformed, in fact I may not even be here today if it wasn’t for my great grandmother’s work with Jaitara.

sad woman sitting in dark monochrome image with copyspaceYou see my great grandmother was sexually abused as a young teen. Like many victims, she blamed herself. For years she judged herself and could not see her full beauty.

Her father was physically present, but not emotionally present, so she did not receive the validation she longed for from a father role model.

This lack of self-worth resulted in unhealthy relationships. She chose to be with verbally abusive men or men who were just not present because she thought that’s what she deserved. Then for years she chose to not be in a relationship at all as she buried herself in her work as an actor.

Then one day she saw an ad for a women’s program that offered the participants the opportunity to connect with inner peace, healing and empowerment around their sexual energy, and a way to experience ecstatic love. Although all this seemed like a stretch for my great grandmother at the time, she was drawn to the energy of the facilitator. She could feel a calmness and loving presence about her. This program also said it could help with her ability to create as an actor, so she signed up to work with her. The facilitator was Jaitara.

Woman in lightWorking with Jaitara changed everything for her. The pain from her past was transformed to inner peace and wisdom. She finally felt the beauty of the connection between her relationship with God and her Sexuality. She grew to feel love as she had never done before. This love was for herself. She says that it was this deep sense of self-love that emanated a light that had been dimmed since childhood and it was that radiant light that attracted my great grandfather to her.

The work she did with Jaitara also greatly enhanced her abilities as an actor and her ability to feel at peace and grounded in her work, no matter what role she took on, and no matter how much public attention being in the limelight brought into her life.

At one point during the relationship between my great grandmother and grandfather, it got a little rocky, nothing abusive like in her past, just some difficulty with communication, balance and understanding, so they went to Jaitara for help.

Close up of young sexy couple in an embraceShe taught them the art of conscious communication and how to work more in harmony together with their masculine and feminine energy and how to embrace their differences and give space for that. She guided them how to maintain better balance between their relationship and their careers. She guided them to connect more deeply in sexual intimacy and expand their love even more on a soul level. My great grandmother loved sharing this story because it was such a joy for her to feel so free, to feel so loved, to have permission to be in her pleasure and she was so radiant because of it.

Happy little girl standing on the beach at the sunset timeTheir love was so deep and through their love, my grandmother was born. The blessing of their harmonious relationship was passed onto my grandmother. My grandmother grew up knowing how beautiful she was. She had a father who understood how important it is for the feminine to feel safe, heard, cherished and to know she is beautiful in the eyes of the one who loves her. She grew up with strong guidance, learning how to set strong boundaries for herself. She grew up seeing the beauty, balance and harmony in the relationship that my great grandmother and great grandfather shared together, therefore expecting that for herself.

She grew up knowing her worth, knowing her beauty from the inside out, loving who she is, and knowing how she deserved to be treated and loved. Because of this, she attracted a beautiful strong loving man into her life… my grandfather. Together they gave life to my mother. Through my mother, this same cycle continued and my mother attracted a beautiful man into her life… my father.

Profile of serene young woman relaxing on the beach meditating with hands in Namaste gesture at sunset or sunrise close upBecause of them, I know my worth. I love who I am. I know what I deserve. I know the beauty of my body and what a gift my sexual energy is, how powerful it is, how sacred it is. I understand the responsibility of my sexual energy. I know how to say “no” as a complete sentence. I know how to communicate with my partner and tell them how I want to be touched without inhibition, and how to allow him to feel like my hero.

I have all this because my great grandmother took a chance and worked with Jaitara. Thanks to Jaitara, my great grandmother first fell in love with herself, and then my grandfather. Thanks to Jaitara, she learned how to transform her shame to freedom, and how to communicate in her relationship and then to her daughter, and so on.

Patterns are repeated through family generations. I am grateful to Jaitara that the pattern that was repeated in my family is one of love, conscious communication and sacred sexual wisdom without the stigma of taboo or contraction. This is who we are supposed to be as Sacred beings in a Sacred body. Thanks to Jaitara, I did not have to go through the pain that others do to figure this out. I grew up with this knowledge, this love and this wisdom.” ~ Great Grandchild of a Client

What I know is that angst, worry and doubt hold us away from our legacy and when we surrender and relax into relaxing, we are moving toward our legacy.

BannerAir2 croppedA legacy is soul driven. It must be relaxed into.  It’s the only way it will work. Yes, structure and taking action is necessary as well, but it must be balanced with a degree of surrender.

You see, I believe there is a Divine plan. I believe our Divine Team is orchestrating events to serve us in living out our Legacy beyond our imagination, but if we are applying too much will, with our head always down plowing ahead, it’s like moving forward with blinders on. We don’t get the full perspective and we can miss magical opportunities that are around us. I believe we must allow space for the magic to unfold. I believe Surrender, Faith and Trust are the ingredients to make that happen.

Much love,

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