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At age 61, I dance with abandon. I feel radiant, playful, sensual, ecstatically alive and embody a deep peacefulness.

I confess, recently I was not well. My body entered a danger zone with poor health that also affected my mental focus. Keep reading, I’ll share in more detail, first I want to share the following because it’s all connected …

There was a time when I had deep emotional and sexual wounds to heal, due to sexual exploitation and abuse that I endured as a young teen, (a secret I buried for 27 years).

I carried a shadow of self-judgement and lack of self worth that impaired my relationships and creative expression well into adulthood. The breath was my liberation. Breath and dance continues to serve me at the core of my soul, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Through the breath, I reach deep peacefulness in seconds. It taps me into being powered by Bliss.

That said, my life is far from perfect. I’m still figuring it out along the way. I’ve learned that the journey is never complete and the work is never done. We are eternal. There is no finish line. That’s why it is crucial to make “the now” count.

Recently I’ve not been well. I’ve had intestinal yeast overgrowth and low estrogen.

You see, I’m a creative and I’ve been so focused on creating my beautiful programs and retreats for the women I serve, that I neglected myself with regard to eating and sleep.

I had a huge wake up call that shifted me into giving my belly and the rest of my body the love and attention it so desparately needed.

I’ve completed two months of a Candida cleanse and there’s at least one more month to go! I feel amazing. I have more energy and although weight loss wasn’t the ultimate goal, it’s been a pleasant side effect. I’m in love with my colonic practitioner Sofia. She’s been my angel. 

I needed to take more time for me, to breathe into my own body and listen to what it was telling me. My passion and mission is in the work I create for you but I am no good to you or anyone if I don’t take care of me first. Even though I’ve always taken time to be with my sister friends, get out and dance or just breathe into stillness and nourish myself in that way, I became careless with sleep and food and it was having a negative domino effect.

Now I’ve connected into the breath to tune more deeply into my body and physical health. This photo is me wearing a blouse that I wore to a Mad Hatter Tea Party last week. I bought this 2 years ago and am just now fitting into it. A lovely side effect of my new health.

Everything I’ve shared with you is why I love the breath so much. It is why I chose to be a facilitator of transformational breath and dance, to share my wisdom of sacred sexuality, and to hold space for your upliftment as well as mine.

The breath has freed me from a dark distorted past and transcended my pain to wisdom. It has been my path to deep peacefulness, joy and connection, and now it is my path to physical health and well-being.

Of course, my food choices, supplements and exercise are helping a lot, although it’s the breath that keeps me focused, committed, aligned and plugged into my Divine Team who supports me on my path.

When I was not well emotionally the Breath was my magical formula to shift. When I was recently unwell physically, the Breath was my magical formula to connect more deeply with my body and shift.

Through it all is dance. Dance is mandatory. I believe dance and breath together is the most magical, powerful and profound combination for a woman to open herself to healing, transformation, connection, liberation, and the ability to create her most beautiful reality in all areas of life.

So what about you? Are you taking enough time out to breathe, dance and connect with your precious body?

Where are you falling down in your life right now? Where can you use a boost to expand into a more radiant powerful you?
Breathe into that. Feel that in your body. Connect with your Divine Team or what ever term you like to use… Spirit, Source, God, Universe or Creator and ask for support. Get up and dance your heart out and make sound from deep in your belly and release your pent up energy.

If you want your body to be more healthy, breathe and connect to your body and ask it what it needs from you. Place your hands on your body and really connect to it. Give it the love it is asking for.

Beloved, your body is innocent. Listen to it. Love it. It talks to you all the time. What is it saying?

Thank you for reading. If this article has touched you, thank you for sharing it with your friends and community.

I love you,

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“The Breath is like an umbilical cord connecting the Physical body to the Spirit Body. Through the Breath, connect and communicate with the Divine Source that is you.
Integrate this Breath with the very energy that creates us… our sexual energy, and you open the door to new realms of inner peace, joy and ecstasy.” ~ Jaitara