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Jaitara is the founder of She helps actors and other purpose driven women, (and conscious men) step into Spiritual and Emotional Mastery with love and sexual energy through live and online workshops and private sessions. She helps them go from a mediocre, non-existent or just good Love Life to one that is great, even ecstatic and living the Ultimate Love Life.

Jaitara combines her gifts and skills as a master breath worker, emotional healer, Sacred Sexuality expert, speaker, author and spiritual guide with life wisdom and years of experience in the entertainment industry. She also works as a couples mediator, intimacy coach, and Tantric teache

Article: How the Breath Lifted Me From the Ashes to Bliss

I had deep emotional wounds to heal and huge self-worth issues for many years. It was the breath that was my salvation. It was the breath that lead me to rediscover the power of my Divine Essence.

This illustration of an angel is on a soft wavy background giving a feeling of calm.You see the Breath is our Spirit. It is our Divine Self.

Have you ever been with a person or animal in their moment of death? You can feel their Spirit leave their body with that last breath, as they ride back to the transcendental realm on the breath. So as we are still in our bodies, it is the breath that maintains our connection to the Divine while having this physical experience.

In 1999 I had a huge breakdown as I acknowledged for the first time that I had been sexually exploited and abused as a young teen.

That quickly transcended into the breakthrough that changed everything for me, and planted the 1st seeds for me wanting to guide other women to be at peace, powerful and connected in their vulnerability and sexual creative life force energy.

But I still had more healing to do before I was ready.

Then I discovered the power of the breath. That is what cleared the remainder of my emotional residue from this life on a cellular level, transforming all my pain into just pure wisdom. I fell in love with the breath so much, I became a breath specialist. I guide others how to use their breath to attain inner peace, bliss and to clear their emotional residue from the past on a cellular level.

Mother Peace small– It is the breath that eliminates emotional pain from my body, leaving only wisdom from the experience behind.

– It is the breath that brings me to peacefulness first thing in the morning, so I start my day with ease and clarity, not in survival mode rushing to get everything done.

– It is the breath that fills my body with bliss, as I feel the pure essence of Divine Source move through me.

– It is the breath that works in harmony with the nervous system to move our creative sexual life force energy throughout our entire body, revitalizing us and inspiring creative vision.

– It is the breath that reveals our truth of Extreme Radiance.

Dance is the perfect companion for the Breath. When we combine Breath, Meditation and Movement, we are Peaceful, Powerful, Connected, and ready to take on our day in a space of Happiness, touching those around us with our Light… with Extreme Radiance.

Come and play with me, breathe with me, dance with me. Join me and over 200 other women and a few conscious men, for “7 Days of Extreme Radiance” as my gift to you, and together we will journey through the B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Challenge.
The next B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Challenge begins January 8, 2017. Simply click here to sign up now and register for free.

Much love,

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Our next event is “7 Days of Extreme Radiance” with the B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Challenge™
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