Emotional Healing

Do you still feel haunted by an experience from your past that is standing in the way, slowing you down or stopping you from feeling fully at peace in the present?

Are you still overcome by grief due to the loss of a relationship due to death or a break up?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the intensity of day to day life, with so many pent up emotions, you feel like if something doesn’t shift soon you are going to explode?

E-motions are energy in motion. When an event happens in your life that is traumatic, painful or left unhealed, a part of you stays stuck in the time before this event took place. Energetically you hold back from your full expression as a method of protection, ultimately inhibiting you from fully expressing in both relationships and creatively and preventing you from living your ultimate love life.

Day to day living can also take it’s toll. Anger tends to be judged in society, but the fact is, it’s a very natural human emotion. Yet it’s so rare that anyone is taught how to express, release and free themselves from pent up anger, frustration or even rage.

The good news is because emotions are energy, they can be moved and cleared from your physical body on a cellular level, leaving you with the memory of the experience, but free from the pain or irritation that has accompanied it. Your pain transcends into wisdom. Agitation is replace by peacefulness. This is the work I do and it is my joy and honor to offer it to you.

The “Breath of Life“, also known as “Holistic Rebirthing“, is a powerful method of clearing emotional residue and wounding from any other trauma, including sexual abuse, whether recent, from childhood or beyond this lifetime. I have explored a variety of breath work processes and modalities. I chose to facilitate this one because in my personal experience it is the most powerful, profound, swift and effective method I have ever experienced of clearing the emotional energy in the physical body that keeps us stuck. It sets us free to move forward with greater clarity and ease. It accesses on a cellular level the emotional residue, psychological and physical holdings in the body.

There are less than 20 people globally who facilitate this particular lineage of Holistic Rebirthing. We lovingly call it, the Mother of All Breaths. I am blessed to be one of them.

Our emotions are not who we are. This Breath removes the unhealthy emotions by the root, at the origin of source, and opens you up to feelings of more love, peacefulness, expression, passion, aliveness, vitality and creativity, and to recognize and connect more tangibly with Source within you.

No matter how deep or how dark the wound is, no matter how far back it goes in this life or past lives, so matter how frustrated you are, what ever is released during your breath work session is cleared permanently on a cellular level and will leave you with gems of wisdom and clarity to move forward to more effectively create the life you desire.

Private one-on-one sessions are most common. Group sessions are also very powerful.  have experience facilitating small groups and large groups up to as many as 300 participants at one time. Group processes regardless of size require between 4 to 8 hours, depending on the structure, venue and format of the event. Large groups do require  more extensive preparation in the space where the event is taking place.  To contact me and discuss the details for your event, click here to go to the contact page

I am also a Reiki Master Teacher. This energy is beautiful on it’s own, and it contributes to the Breath, as does the Breath contribute to the Energy Healing.  

I am also trained in the Accelerated Evolution program, which includes a trauma release process that is profound in its simplicity and effectiveness to free you from trauma of the past in as quickly as 10 minutes. This process is evolutionary, thorough and powerful. Sometimes depending on the client, this process is all that is required.  At times this trauma release process, followed by the breath is the most effective method. 

When I work with a client, we explore your needs and proceed in the way that is in the highest alignment with your healing journey.

It is my honor to serve in this way.