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God Loves Orgasms

So, let’s be honest here.  When I say “God Loves Orgasms”, does that trigger you in some way, feel out of alignment, or inspire a big “YES!”?

I understand that talking about God and Sexuality as a combination is a controversial subject.  In this article, I’m going to share with you my personal viewpoint and how I have come to believe, and know through my own spiritual quest, exploration and experience why God loves orgasms, and here’s why I’ve come to this conclusion…

Morning MeditationAsk yourself, with all you believe in God, Creator, Spirit…. what ever that means to you, do you believe that everything in creation was made with pure intent and purpose.  I do.

I know our bodies are nothing short of a miracle from top to bottom.  That means our butt and genitals are just as holy as our eyes or the top of our head, because it’s all part of the Divine creation.

Before we came into these bodies, we were a pure nonphysical Spiritual Being. Then someone had an orgasm and voila!  We became a Spiritual Being inside a physical body having this physical experience.  Orgasms are the energy burst that creates life… it is where creation on planet Earth begins!  And, it was all God’s idea for it to unfold in this way!  Wow, what a beautiful gift!

“The Gift” is actually the 1st Spiritual Law of the Four Spiritual Laws of Sexual Enlightenment™.   It’s so important that we recognize and fully honor our sexual energy as the beautiful loving gift from God that it is.  After all, it makes it possible for us to exist in this physical realm.

I believe what trips up some people about consciously including God in the sexual experience, is because many people think of God as Mother/Father God, and inviting your parents into the bedroom is just weird.  So, if this is an issue for you, then I invite you to consider that God comes in the essence of all relationships… including the lover.

Woman in EcstacyDuring my journey and exploration, I have invited the lover essence of God Source energy into my sexual experience, with or without a partner.  In fact, I’ve found it to be really powerful offering this invitation in the solo practice.  For so many, the solo practice is just for the purpose of a physical release.  By inviting the lover essence of God Source to join you, the pleasure is enhanced with feelings of love and Spiritual connection.  This invitation is something I go into detail with in my workshops and retreats by teaching specific breathing techniques and forms of meditation, visualization and communication.

In my experience, as I practice “The Invitation” ( 4th Spiritual Law) , the connection I feel to Spirit and the love I feel for myself is truly profound.  And, as a bonus, the physical pleasure is much more expansive.

You see, it’s how we are designed.  It was always intended for us to integrate God into the sexual experience, and to honor our primal expression as a part of that.  There were no mistakes made in the creation of us.  Every bit of us is designed perfectly by our Creator.

Chakra2The fact that when we invite the lover essence of God Source into the sexual experience, the connection to Spirit feels more powerful, and the physical pleasure is more expansive is evidence that we are in designed this way, or it would not be possible.

So, I know from personal experience that God loves orgasms.  I continue to weave in this practice as part of my sexual expression and I continue to feel more loved by Spirit than ever before, more vibrant, blissful and empowered.

It is the separation from God Source that is not natural, especially when expressing and indulging in the very energy that creates us.  Sexual energy is the power cord that connects the Spirit realm to the physical realm, as we transcend from being a nonphysical Spirit Being into being a Spirit Being having a physical experience.

For thousands of years, guilt, shame and judgment were used as a method of control and political power.  After all, how better than to maintain control by inflicting guilt over the very energy that creates us.  This energy is powerful. It is human and it is irresistible, for the purpose of our very existence.

When a woman (or man) becomes sexually shut down, it is because their sexual experiences have not been positive, uplifting or fully honoring them as the Divine being that they truly are.

The biology lesson boys get in school does not teach them how to honor their partners and make love to women in such a way that they see God and feel cherished.

Love making is an art form that must be taught, that must be studied, and just like any art form, when it is mastered, embraced and practiced in a way that is honoring the God essence within each of us, we also honor God… what ever that means to you, by honoring the very gift of this beautiful energy as it was originally intended to do.

So, yes… God loves orgasms, especially those ones that are expressed as art and embodied as a whole complete loving, spiritual expression.

In love and service.

Much love,

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