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Jaitara is the founder of She helps actors and other purpose driven women, (and conscious men) step into Spiritual and Emotional Mastery with love and sexual energy through live and online workshops and private sessions. She helps them go from a mediocre, non-existent or just good Love Life to one that is great, even ecstatic and living the Ultimate Love Life.

Jaitara combines her gifts and skills as a master breath worker, emotional healer, Sacred Sexuality expert, speaker, author and spiritual guide with life wisdom and years of experience in the entertainment industry. She also works as a couples mediator, intimacy coach, and Tantric teacher.

Article: Get What You Want Through the Power of Surrender

Are you applying a lot of will to make things happen, or are you taking time out to breathe and surrender control to allow the Universal forces to support you on your path?

Surrender is such a powerful force of manifestation. Had so many beautiful examples yesterday on my half day off at the beach of the magic that surrender creates… my arrival, a beautiful man, the drums, and so much more. Here is my story of how I made it happen through the power of surrender…

Beach1The entrance to the beach is across from the University of British Columbia. It’s a 400 stair climb down a cliff, so only nature is in sight. The road for this entrance tends to be packed and is very difficult, generally speaking to find a parking space.  Usually I end up going to the parkade around the corner.  Yesterday as I approached the entrance to the beach, I called upon my Divine Universal team… in this case, my parking Angels, and said, “I want a space on the road, close the stairs. Thank you for proving this!”

As I drove by the stairs, the perfect spot opened up right there at the entrance to the beach.

It was a holiday yesterday, so the beach was packed.  This beach has logs placed all over it that serve as back rests and a great way to create your own little beach space. All the best spots were taken. I said to my Divine Team, “I want a space close to the water and close to the drumming circle with a nice big log high enough to support by back. Thank you”.

Beach3Moments later I saw a man stand up and start putting things in his nap sack.  He had the perfect spot close to the water in the same area as the drum circle, with a big log that had a concave to fit your back.  He said he got there at 9am to claim that spot, as it is his favorite. I arrived at 4:30 just as he was leaving to teach a fitness class.

This man was lovely; beautiful on this inside and out.  And… the one thing in my life right now I have been challenged to commit to is working out. When I told him I loved to swim the width of the beach, he said he could use help with knowing how to do that. I said, “It’s all in the breath”.
So he offered to teach me some fitness techniques if I would teach him about the breath in the water.

Beach2The day continued to unfold perfectly as I connected with new friends.  The drum circle was Divine and I danced my heart out. I swam in the water, basked naked in the sun (it’s a clothing optional beach). I purchased two lovely new tops from the beach vender for $5. each. I watched a glorious sunset as the sun set over the water. It was a perfect day and all my desires were met beyond my imagination.

This is just one example of what happens when I stay in my peaceful space, surrender control and I don’t even ask, but rather I command my Divine Team with loving respect what it is I want.

sunset at wreckI am provided for beyond my imagination.

When we have our nose to the grindstone and are applying too much will, we block abundance and love from coming our way. Yes, we have to take action. I am very busy working at my computer… a lot, creating, marketing and promoting, but there must be a balance. Self care must be included in your life as much as pursuing your purpose.

When we communicate with clarity what it is we want, and then surrender control and allow ourselves to be supported, the Universe will prove to us how loved and supported we are.

So, have you been surrendering lately?  Or are you continuously applying will?  How’s it working for you?

You are not in this alone. You have support beyond what you can image.  Go ahead.  Give it a try. Communicate clearly what you want, give thanks for it before it arrives and surrender control. This is the space where magic happens.

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