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Beautiful Woman, to the rest of the world looking on, you may appear to be a fired up Wonder Woman who’s got it all going on, and you probably do have it going on, but on the inside your body, mind and soul is telling you that you really need a break.

OK, I know some of you reading this are men, so if this is you, I know you’re not a Wonder Woman, but I’m sure you are a fan of Wonder Women or maybe you are just a little worn out :-).  Or, you at least definitely know a woman or a few who fit this description.

First of all what is a Wonder Woman? Well Beloved, if you are a woman reading this, she is you.

You are a woman who knows how to get the job done. You take care of everyone and everything. You have a vision and the passion to fulfill it. When you put your mind to something, you are a warrior. Your determination is your sword and you’re on fire. 
You are soulful, compassionate, loving, tender hearted and creative. You make a difference, you love to inspire and touch the lives of others.
Maybe you’re a Mom. That makes you a super Wonder Woman.

So, then what is a worn out Wonder Woman?

She is a woman who’s a little or a lot exhausted from conquering the world.

She’s determined but feeling depleted. She wakes up in the morning and jumps straight to her to do list, getting busy, forgetting to take time for stillness, or believing there’s just no time for it. 

A worn out Wonder Woman is still a Wonder Woman, she’s just a little out of breath from her daily life and could really use a break, some soul nourishment, and some rejuvenation. Sound familiar?

This week I published two other articles. One was about how I had not been well and how I tapped into the power of breath to focus back to my well-being.

In the other, I shared how the breath transcended the darkness I carried around my sexual energy and lifted me to align my Sexual Body with my Divinity in a way that has brought me peacefulness, greater pleasure and ecstatic expression. 

Doing my morning breath is a devoted practice for me. When I skip it, I notice a dramatic difference in how I feel for the rest of the day and the ripple effect it does or doesn’t create. 

When you wake up busy, jumping into your head straight away, it puts you in survival mode and gets you stuck in your reptilian brain. It creates stress and depletes you. How’s that working for you?

Here’s the thing that you probably don’t realize; I’m not sitting around breathing for long periods of time. Most mornings all I take to connect with my breath is five to ten minutes. That’s all you need to create a shift in how you feel and to go from survival mode, to creativity and to open to the power of possibility. 

Then when I combine about five minutes of breath with five minutes of dance movement, it’s the magical secret formula that shifts my energy into bonus space of calm, peacefulness and happiness. My day is still just as busy as before, but stress is not attached to my busyness. 

So, do you want me to show you how? Even better, would you like me to guide you through it?

This is why I created The BREATHE Challenge™.

It’s a free video series that will rejuvenate you in only 12 minutes a day! That’s all! You can do that. 

The visuals are beautiful and the music is amazing, as I guide you through breath, meditation and dance. 

So Wonder Woman, take a break. Take a Breath!

We start this Sunday, July 23rd.  Click here to register now.

I can’t wait to play with you!!!

Much love,