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The calling out that has taken place. The #MeToo Movement had to happen.
So, now that the calling out has happened, now what? What’s next?
What will you call forth?

Women who were abused or harassed needed to speak their voice so they can free themselves of the emotional residue from their past experience. This is also true for men who have been through the same pain. But, has the calling out been fully freeing? Now that the darkness of the past has been brought into the light, has the emotional pain and residue of the experience been cleared as well, or do elements of it still remain in the emotional body?

Without clearing the emotional residue the energy will continue to remain in the body. If these wounds remain unhealed for too long the dis-ease of this will eventually become an actual physical manifestation in the form of disease.

I have had my own Me Too experience. When I finally did my own calling out, there was relief and a new sense of freedom, but layers of emotional pain still remained in my body and soul. Once I made a conscious effort through the power of breath work to clear my emotional residue on a cellular level, only then I felt truly liberated and could tangibly feel the pain in my emotional body transcend to lightness, aliveness and wisdom. From this space, I was able to call forth a feminine power and passion within me, that is nourished by pleasure, grace and ease.

As I cleared my emotional body, I raised my frequency to one that continues to expand my love, joy, creative inspiration and the depth of connection I experience with others. This is what inspired me to do the work that I do now to helping others do the same.

The Me Too Movement is the calling out of sexual abuse and harassment. Sexual energy is the root of our creative force. It is what created our very existence in this physical body. Just like a tree if your roots are constricted or unhealthy, you cannot blossom to your full potential.

Sexual energy is vulnerable. If you have constriction or wounding within your sexual body, you hold back to protect this vulnerable aspect of yourself. When you are holding back, you are holding back… period. This impacts every layer of your life… your voice, your happiness, what you create and your experience with love.

When you feel nourished, expressed and whole at your root, and at peace with everyone and everything from your past, your ability to blossom and express love fully and unapologetically in relationships with others and with self and through your creativity is boundless.

So, since sexual energy is the root of our creative force, can we be celibate and still be in the full power of our creativity? Absolutely! But… only if celibacy is a choice made from a space of inner peacefulness. Choosing celibacy out of avoidance due to wounding, fear or constriction, blocks creativity and your experience with love will be suppressed as well.

We must make peace with everyone and everything from our past. That is the only way. When we do this while also merging our primal sexual body with our divine spirit body, it is a joy unlike any you have experienced before. It is our Divine Design… our Powerful Truth.

I am always in awe and humbled to bear witness to the joy, love and transformation that is revealed in my clients as I guide them to reclaim their Powerful Truth.

I say reclaim because it’s always been there within each of us. Love is who we are. Joy is our nature. The density we experience in this physical existence can disconnect us from this truth. When we realign with it, it feels like coming home. Love, joy and peacefulness is our natural state. It is home… our Divine Design.

So what’s next, Beloved? What will you call forth?

“If you bring forth what is inside you, what you bring forth will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is inside you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” ~ Jesus of Nazareth

Much love,

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Beloved woman, I have a Medicine to offer…
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