Master Breath Worker ~ Wisdom Teacher, Emotional Healer, Sacred Sexuality Expert, Speaker & Author

I love to help you achieve ecstatic peacefulness, expression & sacred sexual wisdom through the brilliance and power of breath.

  • I am revitalized by the warm sun on my face, a sunrise, sunset, swimming in the ocean and soft sand beneath my feet.
  • I am grounded by ancient trees and the earth beneath my feet.
  • I feel sheer delight from the unconditional love and playfulness of my little dog, the Goddess Quinn.
  • I adore the beauty of swimming nude in warm tropical turquoise water.
  • I feel great joy when I dance, especially with my Sisters.
  • I am fulfilled, humbled and in bliss through my connection with Divine Spirit.

My Story

In the maturity of my life, I embody my sensuality, a deep sense of peacefulness, my love for serving others and the joy of dance. I am humbled and in love with the community that continues to expand around me. It’s a beautiful space to be in, but wasn’t always this way.

Between the ages of 16 to 17, I experienced a time of darkness and confusion due to abuse, sexual manipulation and exploitation into human trafficking.  I buried this secret for 27 years.  Then one day in 1999, I had a breakdown that quickly transmuted into a breakthrough, through a powerful message from Spirit.  It was this defining moment that planted the seeds of my passion to work with women and men to reclaim their Powerful Truth of who they are as a Divine Being in a Sacred Sexual Body.

The gem of my dark past is the wisdom, the grace and the light that was revealed along my own healing journey. I extensively explored the connection of my Spirituality with my Sexuality. I knew Sexual Energy was beautiful, yet I had carried so much shame and contraction around it at the same time.  It felt separate from my connection to God Source and I knew that this separation was at the root of the misalignment, that created the confusion within myself, as well as with so many other women and men.

What I discovered as I became more Spiritually aligned with my own Sexual energy… with or without a partner is truly profound, beautiful, and is at the root of the vibrancy, the inner calm and radiance that others feel from me and comment on when in my presence. It is a secret to my youthfulness.  It is our natural state, our Divine Design and our Powerful Truth.

What I know is, until you are completely at peace with the past and your relationships, you can never fully live or be at peace in the present.  As long as you are holding back to protect this vulnerable aspect of yourself, you are holding back… period, in every layer of your life… love and intimacy in relationships, creativity and professional expression.

Sexual energy is the very energy that makes it possible to be a Spiritual Being having this physical experience. Our sexual energy is integrally connected with our Divinity.  Yet the only sex education we received and our youth continues to receive is a biology lesson and a word of caution.

Girls are turning to boys to learn about their own bodies, and with the convenience of the internet, boys are turning to porn as a source of education as never before. Communication within intimacy is not being taught to teens either. This is where the distortion begins. It is why so many of us struggle being in the power of our voice as we mature into adulthood, asking for what we want and feel Spiritually disconnected from the very energy that creates us.

I was in my 40’s before I claimed the power of my voice.  Now I love helping women and couples ignite their voice starting at the very root of where it all begins… our Sexual energy.

The “Big Why” behind what I do, is to open conversation for a new conscious form of Sex-Ed for the youth, so they  are sexually enlightened and wise, understanding the Sacredness of our Sexual Life Force and the power of it, the beauty of it, the responsibility of it and how to honor that in themselves and one another through conscious communication.

Tantra and Shamanism is a lifestyle for me.  In the western world many believe Tantra is all about sex. Although Sacred Sexuality is a beautiful aspect of Tantric teachings, it does not define it.  Tantra is about the weaving of energy in all areas of life. It is about our connection and our relationship with the Earth, with Spirit, with family, with animals, with all of nature, with self, and with others.  Although all these things are sensual and sexual, they have a non-sexual element as well.  Tantra is the weaving of all energy the non-sexual and the sexual.  There are no limits to how it can be explored.

I meet my clients where they are. In my writings, speaking and teachings, I keep my language more mainstream so regardless of the belief system and personal Spiritual practice of the listener, they connect and resonate with what I have to share with them.

Dance is not just something I do, it’s a part of my very being and an expression of my Essence. I incorporate dance as a method of healing  and expression in my work with women, helping them align with Spirit, connect to one another, open their heart and connect to a greater love of their bodies.

  • I am a certified Holistic Rebirther and Reiki Master Teacher, and I specialize in emotional healing of all past wounds, especially those related to Sexual trauma. I can guide you to clear emotional residue of the past on a cellular level
  • I am a Teacher of Tantra, the Creator of the “Sacred Sexual Archetypes” which is based on the science of the Ayurvedic body types, and author of the forthcoming book, “The Four Sacred Laws of Sexual Enlightenment”.
  • I have worked one on one with hundreds of clients.  For the first few years of doing Tantric Energy healing I primarily worked with men, then opened my practice to women and couples, assisting them in clearing their past emotional wounds and creating a deeper connection of their relationship with Source and their Sexual Body, as well as deepening their heart connection.
  • I have been a lead Facilitator with Peak Potentials, now known as New Peaks for 14 years, featured at one of their summer events, facilitating thousands of participants through transformation and breakthroughs.
  • I have an extensive background in the entertainment industry, with years of stage, film and TV experience, and I am a full ACTRA Member.  It is through this experience combined with my passion for Sexual Enlightenment and Empowerment that I created “Mastering The Sex Scene – Before, During and After the Shot” for film and TV actors.
  • The Four Sacred Laws of Sexual Enlightenment, is the culmination of my life experience and the wisdom I have gained in understanding the integral connection of our Spiritual and Sexual energy and the impact it has on our ability to fully open to love and creatively express our purpose in life.
  • I am an Ordained Priestess and Minister with the Madonna Ministries. Being a Priestess may sound a bit woo woo to some. Practically, all women have a Priestess within them. A Priestess is a woman of service and compassion. She acknowledges all women as sisters, is trained in Sacred ceremony and walks the path of feminine care and Sacred Sexuality. She is a conduit between the physical earth realm and the Divine realm. It is through this journey that I was inspired to create the “S.A.C.R.E.D. Sexual Priestess Process”.
  • I am a member of the Agape International Spiritual Center and a student of the Vedic teachings.

We are in a new paradigm on Planet Earth.  We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For.


“Namaste— I see you. I see you as a beautiful Divine being whose eternal consciousness pervades your body and mind., and is the light of your true self, shining across to mine I bow to that transcendent being that is the real you.” – Jeffrey Armstrong; from the book Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar