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Jaitara combines her gifts and skills as a master breath worker, emotional healer, Sacred Sexuality expert, speaker, author and spiritual guide with life wisdom and years of experience in the entertainment industry. She also works as a couples mediator, intimacy coach, and Tantric teache

Article: A Path to Instant Enlightenment

So many are searching for Enlightenment, inner peace and a deeper connection to Divine Source. In my observation I feel that the primary point is being missed by many. It’s kind of humorous actually. I’ll often attend events where there are beautiful Spirit driven workshops and as I observe the participants, I see so many looking so serious.
They’ve acquired so much knowledge and teachings, but with all this, I feel they’ve missed the primary purpose of experiencing life as a Divine Being in this physical realm, and when you “get” this, I believe you have found the path to instant enlightenment, because you really can flick the switch that quickly if you really want to.  Here’s the secret…

Woman black joyfulIt’s really no secret at all. It’s more about remembering who you are. We are ecstatic Beings. It is our most natural nature to be ecstatic, to be in bliss, and we came here to this Earth to experience the physical version of this.

I see many humans savoring their physical experience, becoming brilliant in an art such as dance, acrobatics, and other art forms. They are so connected to their bodies and they have a kind and compassionate nature. Even if these people do not pray or have a specific “spiritual practice”, in my mind, they are very enlightened and in complete alignment as a Divine Being having a physical experience.

Silhouette of dancer jumping against city in lights of sunriseWe have a body for reason, because we wanted to enjoy having a body. This Earth is a beautiful planet.

Enjoy your body, be kind to your body; enjoy the beauty of our planet and do so while living a kind and compassionate life. That’s all you really need to know and do to be in alignment and enlightened.

You don’t need to find Divinity. You already are the Divine. You don’t need to prove your worth, just by being born, you are worthy. Just find that which makes you feel blissful, joyful and at peace while in this body and it’s done.

It’s really not that complicated.

We’ve all done things we would have done differently if we could do it again. We’ve all said things we wish we had said differently. So what. It’s called figuring it out as we go. It’s the natural human condition.

Rage explosion. Scream of angry young womanAll experiences create expansion. Release the emotional pain of the past and it will transcend into wisdom.

Express anger and rage and get it out of your body in a safe and healing way. I personally find the breath is the most effective way of doing this. It worked for me, and it’s why I’m a breath worker today.

Express your sadness and get it out of your body.

E-motion is “energy in motion”. It can be cleared cellularly through the breath. When we do this, what we are left with is the memory of the experience, but no more pain… only wisdom.

That’s the journey of expansion.

Dance Joy smallThe rest is about exploring what we love during our time here, and expressing that.

I love to swim in the ocean. I love to dance. I love to connect with a conscious Divine Masculine man and for he who really knows how to match me, I love to share my beloved body with him.

What are you doing to express what you love?
What are you doing to feed your physical experience while in this body?

Relax. It’s a journey. We’ll never have it all figured out because we are eternal. We’ll never be complete because it is ever unfolding. Radiance is your natural state, so do what you need to do to allow the brilliance of your radiance to shine through.

Don’t take life too seriously. It really is like a movie and you are the writer and director of your own life.

So clear what no longer serves you and get out and play. Be kind to yourself, your body and one another. Find your bliss, savor this physical experience, get out and play, have uplifting connected juicy sex… and always practice kindness. That to me is an enlightened state. Do this and I believe you are on the path to instant enlightenment.

Life is magical when you are not only kind to others, but first and foremost to yourself. Love your body as if it were an innocent child, because your body is innocent.  Practicing kindness in every way possible, is in my mind, an enlightened way of being and something you can step into right here, right now!

Much love,

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