Jaitara —  the Mother of Liberation and Transformational Breath

I Activate Healing as you liberate yourself from the emotional residue that your body and soul is ready to let go of.  

I Activate Remembrance  of your powerful truth as a Divine Being having a human experience in an Orgasmic Sexual Body.

I Activate Peacefulness within you, releasing stress and embracing a deeper love of self.

I Activate Playfulness to remind you not to take life so seriously.  

I Activate Surrender as you let go of your fear of the unknown, of death and embrace the beauty of the transition process.

The Brilliance of Breath is your instrument. You were born a master of your own body and breath. You simply need the instructions and support, which I am honored to provide.

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Video: “Sex, God and You”

This is a Replay of the Facebook Live Video — Part 3 from the
the “Live Your Ultimate Love Life™” MasterClass Series.

This video is a blend of teaching and meditative process, so
remove all distractions, be fully present and enjoy!

Our Upcoming Event:

Magdalene Priestess S.A.C.R.E.D Journey™


The Magdalene Priestess website is still in creation. The program will begin in the Spring
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Check out this interview on Our Ventura TV with George Agler

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